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Welcome Amy Barnes - H-IPL's New Program Manager


I am pleased to welcome Amelia (Amy) Barnes to Hoosier Power and Light (H-IPL) to serve as our new Program Manager effective December 1, 2017. While Amy follows the very accomplished Trisha Tull in this position, Amy has her own unique talents and skills that will serve H-IPL well in 2018 and beyond.

Amy is part of the creation care team at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (UMC) in Indianapolis and has chaired the statewide UMC Creation Care Committee. As a workshop facilitator, she leads programs on social justice and environmental sustainability for both the United Methodist Church and Awakening the Dreamer. She has served on the Board of the Heartlands Group of the Sierra Club.

Amy has a Masters in Counseling from Christian Theological Seminary, where she has also been Alumni Board President. She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Butler University.  She is a licensed therapist and trauma specialist, who debriefs employees in the workplace after traumatic incidents.  

Amy is excited to be part of the H-IPL team and will be organizing the H-IPL 2018 Workshop Series. In addition, she will be working to strengthen our relationship with congregations, with our faith-based affiliates and with our other partners to assure that we are an effective faith-based voice on climate change in Indiana.

Welcome Amy Barnes!

John H. Dane CAE

Executive Director




No More $ for Rockport Coal Plant 

Indiana-Michigan Power (I&M) customers are telling state regulators that they want clean energy and do not want their money wasted on I&M's AEP Rockport Coal Plant, which ranks as one of the nation's largest toxic super polluters. Click here for more information





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