Caring For Creation in Indiana


Care for creation’s health is integral to spiritual life and social justice. Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light (H-IPL) brings Indiana faith communities together to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, as a faith response to climate change.  

H-IPL assists congregations to form green teams, invites congregations to work together regionally, provides educational programming and tools to help reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and offers ways to advocate for better public policy. Congregations are saving money through energy efficiency measures and by producing their own clean energy through solar panels.

We invite you to work with H-IPL to protect God's good creation and promote thriving, sustainable communities. READ MORE

Learn more about faith-based creation care resources and statements.

Nearly every religious tradition, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and Bahai, teaches that care for creation is a matter of faith. LEARN MORE HERE. 

Meet our regional affiliates.

H-IPL has a number of regional affiliate groups in Indiana. These groups bring people from various local congregations together in order to learn, share stories, duplicate successes, and motivate one another. Find out more about our affiliate groups HERE. If there is no affiliate near you, help to start one by contacting us HERE

Attend a workshop or event.

We offer a variety of workshops and events throughout the state. Find out about upcoming opportunities HERE.

Invite a workshop or event.

If it’s not on the schedule in your area, make arrangements to bring one. Some of the events we have offered in the past are listed HERE.

Practice wise energy use.


H-IPL is dedicated to reducing the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity. This is most easily accomplished through energy conservation and developing renewable energy sources. These measures not only promote clean air and reduce pollution; they also save money. Here are ways you can get involved:

Using Energy Prudently

Task of the Month

Seventh Day Initiative

Find out about energy-related policy issues.


As citizens we bear responsibility to speak up to our local, state, and national leaders to promote sustainable policies that promote wise energy use. Hoosier IPL takes this responsibility seriously and invites you to join us in understanding current policy issues and informing our representatives of our desires. LEARN MORE HERE 

Find us in the media.

Here are recent stories concerning H-IPL, our affiliate groups, and the environmental faith movement in Indiana.


Start a green team in your congregation.

We can help you with ideas.  


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