Ten Times David Letterman Discussed Creation Care

Tonight is David Letterman's last show before he retires from his late night duties.

Here are 10 instances where "the tubby kid from the Hoosierville" (what Bill Murray called Letterman last night after jumping out of a cake) had powerful things to say about caring for the planet.

#ThanksDave for being a strong voice on the environment, renewable energy, and on global warming. You make us #IndianaProud.

P.S. Dave's mom, Dorothy Marie Mengering, worked at Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis,-a congregation that has been a supporter of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light).

David Letterman's Top 10 Creation Care Moments and Jokes . . .

10.  "George W. Bush:  Environmental President," October 16, 2006

9.  "You, Al Gore, Are Doing Business With Country That's Enabling Your Ultimate Foe of Climate Change," January 29, 2013

 8. Tim DeChristopher On Letterman: “Stop And Think About What It Means To Be 'Too Late' On Climate," June 25, 2013

7. Scientist and presidential advisor Dr. John Holdren on Letterman: "What I can tell you for sure is that it gets more and more difficult to cope with the impacts of climate change the higher we go [in CO2 emissions]," November 26, 2014

6. Letterman after Exxon Valdez oil spill: "Today they found an Alaskan king crab in the Hudson River. They figure, since the big oil spill...they`re getting really great mileage now," May 6, 1990

 5. Bill McKibben On David Letterman: "I Damn Well Expect My Political Leaders To Do Something," September 1, 2010

4. Letterman to Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson: “How do we motivate the fossil fuel people—the gas, and oil people—of this country to stop what they are doing? … They’re not going to give up this multi-billion dollar industry,” October 9, 2013

3. Letterman to Dr. Michio Kaku after Japanese Nuclear Disaster: “Take Indian Point (An aging nuclear plant just outside New York City) Apart,” March 20, 2011  

2. Bill Clinton talks with David Letterman about creating a green economy on the one year anniversary of 9/11, September 11, 2002


1. "Bad news, it’s going to be a huge environmental disaster, the oil rig down there in the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is they think now that the oil spill will be diluted by the melting ice caps,” April 2010.