The 2015 Indiana General Assembly

A Call To Action for God's Creation 


Above: On Thursday, January 22, Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light leaders, along with other concerned citizens, packed an Indiana Senate hearing room to testify against Senate Bill 412.  Click here to see how this bill negatively effects Indiana's energy efficiency efforts. 


The 2015 Indiana General Assembly will be voting on important creation care matters in 2015. We strongly believe that energy efficiency standards and protecting Indiana's rooftop solar efforts are vital for Indiana's creation care efforts.    

Save Indiana's Rooftop Solar/ Oppose House Bill 1320:  This bill would be devestating for congregations and individuals who want to utilize solar power and small scale wind operation to have the freedom to generate their own electricity. 

Enhance Indiana's Energy Efficiency Standards/ Oppose (or greatly modify) Senate Bill 412:  This bill would cause major problems for Indiana's energy efficiency efforts.  This bill should either be opposed or dramatically changed to not allow utility monopolies, who are in the business of selling electricity, to develop their own energy efficiency standards.  That job should be left to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Committee, the organization that is mandated to regulate Indiana's utility monopolies.