Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light supports policies and legislation for renewable energy, clean air, clean water and a healthy environment for all Hoosiers.  

Bills H-IPL is following in the 2018 Indiana Legislature:

After a deeply disappointing 2017 legislative session for clean energy, the Indiana statehouse has been relatively quiet for better or for worse in 2018 in terms of new legislation. Both good and bad legislation has failed to move forward.  

Pay attention to SB 207.  This bill would prevent homeowners’ associations (HOAs) from banning residential solar panel installations

Proposed Statehouse wind energy bill fizzles. This legislation would have made it extremely difficult for Indiana to host wind farms. 
SB 207 still alive which would prevent homeowner association from banning solar panels  is  to be voted on by full Senate
HB 1069 not moving forward.  This proposal would have extended net metering opportunities for school systems and municipal governments. 

SB 326 Redistricting Reform:

H-IPL supports this bill because we feel that all Hoosiers should be represented fairly by their legislators.  As those in favor of redistricting say, "Voters should choose their legislators.  Legislators should not choose their voters."  In the past, both parties have taken advantage of redistricting in their favor.  We need a bipartisan bill so that the legislators chosen do not favor either party.  Click here for a more detailed version of the bill from Hoosier Environmental Council.

2017 SB309

H-IPL support solar energy.  In 2017 solar for homeowners, schools and churches were dealt a blow by Governor Holcomb signing into law SB309.  More on that bill in this article in this December 29, 2017, Indy Star article:  

Schools, cities and churches could save money with solar — but Indiana law stands in the way