April 2016

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  • Report: Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home
  • Introduction: Using Energy Prudently
  • Opportunity for Young Adults: Convergence for Climate Justice, June 20-24 in New Orleans
  • A Tour of Ray's Recycling: What Happens after the Recycling Bin?
  • Free, Professional Energy Conservation Support
  • Public Forum: Got Lead?
  • Musical Benefit: Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Report: Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home

What an Afternoon It Was!

Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home, H-IPL’s grand conference in Indianapolis this past March 12, was a smashing good time. Over 200 people from all over the state attended, many who had been working together with H-IPL for years without ever meeting each other. We hobnobbed, caught up, shared stories both before and afterward, listened to musicians performing original environmentally themed music, and then, as the highlight, heard the reflections of three distinguished faith leaders: Hazem Bata, General Secretary of the Islamic Society of North America; Rabbi Paula Winnig, executive director of the Jewish Bureau of Education; and Archbishop Joseph Tobin of the Indianapolis Archdiocese, moderated by Christian Theological Seminary President Rev. Dr. Michael Myer Boulton.

Here is an article from the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis online Criterion, offering in-depth coverage of the conversation, which was cosponsored by H-IPL, CTS and the Sisters of St. Francis at Oldenburg.and then, as the highlight, heard the reflections of three distinguished faith leaders: Hazem Bata, General Secretary of the Islamic Society of North America; Rabbi Paula Winnig, executive director of the Jewish Bureau of Education; and Archbishop Joseph Tobin of the Indianapolis Archdiocese, moderated by Christian Theological Seminary President Rev. Dr. Michael Myer Boulton. 

We need to care for the Earth so that it may continue, as God willed, to be a source of life for the entire human family. - Pope Francis





Using Energy Prudently: 

Hoosier IPL’s Own Comprehensive Congregational Conservation Connection

If you’ve been around H-IPL long enough, you’ve heard of Using Energy Prudently workshops. Maybe you’ve been to one. You’ve also heard of some of our other programs that promote real actions to reduce Hoosier carbon footprints, like Task of the Month, Solar Grants, and Leaves of Faith.

We’ve been working hard to bring all these cool ideas together into one comprehensive one-stop bundle. Rather than shop for a new name, we recycled the one we are known for. Only now, “Using Energy Prudently” is not just a workshop, it’s a way of life.

Well, maybe not a whole way of life, but in its wonky little green way, it’s getting closer ….

  • It’s guidance for starting, restarting, or pumping new zest into your congregation’s creation care ministry….and for organizing for deep energy reduction….
  • It’s the chance to affiliate officially with H-IPL as a congregation, and to find out who else in your neighborhood is in on the buzz…and to become a Using Energy Prudently congregation…and even to gain recognition as a (wait for it!) UEP Acclaimed Congregation….
  • It’s tips for assessing your worship building and where to start conserving energy….
  • It’s Energy Stewards, a new online toy that will help you see, know, and change your energy bills….
  • It’s the next round of Using Energy Prudently workshops, coming to a fellowship hall near you, and a bunch of handouts and information to help you with every aspect of conserving energy in the worship building….
  • It’s Leaves of Faith and Cool Congregations, schemes to improve the health of land outside your door…
  • It’s enhanced Task of the Month programs, and a household energy survey, for helping your members conserve at home…
  • It’s an expanded offering of other H-IPL workshops and learning opportunities …and new and developing resources for worship and preaching…
  • And tips on getting started with rooftop solar….
  • And even more than these.

The downloadable Using Energy Prudently Guide will put into your hands useful, local, Indiana-grown information and opportunities. Read it on your tablet, peruse it on the screen, or print it on your recycled paper stack and share it with your colleagues—and take advantage of the expanding stock of online materials, sign-up sheets, and links that will help your congregation and your members live out our collective Hoosier pledge to honor and care for the world that takes good care of us.

The only thing Using Energy Prudently won’t do for you is implement itself. It’s not a driverless car. But we hope that it will encourage and guide you, and make your efforts at carrying out real, achievable, moral actions on behalf of future generations easier and more enjoyable.

The UEP Guide is not sold in stores. In fact, it’s not sold at all. Within a few days—and we will let you know—it will be available as a free download at our website, www.hoosieripl.org. Register and get the guide, and begin to use it as part of your celebration of Earth Day 2016!

Opportunity for Young Adults

Convergence for Climate Justice, June 20-24

Our friends at GreenFaith are hosting “leadership training and more” this June in New Orleans, for emerging leaders who want to put their beliefs into action for the environment.

Tulane University will be home base. New Orleans and its surrounding communities devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will serve as classroom, and NOLA’s faith and community leaders will be instructors and guides, helping 21-35 year olds to learn more about climate justice and to develop skills as environmental leaders.

Food and lodging are paid by GreenFaith. Participants supply their own transportation to New Orleans (carpool, anyone?).

Read more about Convergence for Climate Justice here. Also find application forms, email with questions, and so on. Application deadline is April 18, and participants will be notified by May 16.

A Tour of Ray's Recycling: What Happens after the Recycling Bin?

Recently several members of Indy Green Congregations went to find out what goes on behind the scenes. We visited Ray’s Recycling in Indianapolis, donned hard hats…

and took a tour of the noisy, busy recycling plant. We watched the creative combination of earth-moving machinery, conveyor belts, and human attentiveness humming together.

Turning undifferentiated material into this….

From there, each cube of repackaged materials has its exit strategy, leaving the plant to start a new life as recycled paper, jacket filling, carpet, and much more.

To get more a taste of the sights, if not the sounds, of single-stream recycling, go here. Or call Ray’s and ask for a tour yourself.

Free, Professional Energy Conservation Support

EPA through their Energy Star for Congregation’s program is offering an energy efficiency boot camp for interested congregations. Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light endorses and encourages all Indiana congregations to take advantage of this offer. For those of you already using the Energy Stewards program required by your H-IPL solar grant, this is a great opportunity to get some special help in meeting your energy conservation goals. And Portfolio Manager and Energy Stewards programs sync nightly so any work you do in either program will be shared by the other. Here is their announcement:

Register now for the Energy Efficiency Boot Camp for Houses of Worship

We’re pleased to announce a pilot program to help boost energy efficiency and cost savings at your worship facility or religious camp. Led by U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR’s congregation’s team this program gives participants the opportunity to learn more in an interactive collaborative environment with peers—all striving to save energy and costs. We are actively supported by Lutherans Restoring Creation, along with Interfaith Power & Light affiliates in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin, This program is open to all communities of faith.

Titled "Energy Efficiency Boot Camp for Houses of Worship," the 6-month program is aimed at those who have been working on making energy-use improvements, but believe they can benefit through the help of extra, focused support for a relatively short period of time to reach the next level. The program will require participants to benchmark their energy use in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and track their activities (and any changes in energy use) over the 6-month duration.

The program and support is free of cost and expected to start in early April, or as soon as 20 or more participants sign up. More details are available by downloading the FAQ document .

The registration link is in the document or you can register here

Please contact Thayer Tomlinson by email Thayer@energyandsecurity.com if you have questions.

As you will notice from the announcement above, time is of the essence. You will need to sign up right away.

Ray Wilson, P.E, Using Energy Prudently Coordinator


Indiana Forum: Got Lead?

The recent events in Flint, MI are a tragic reminder of the toxic legacy of LEAD in our communities.

You are invited to the Indiana Lead Forum to learn about where lead hazards are still being found and the latest methods to prevent exposure. Organized by Improving Kids’ Environment, the Indiana Healthy Homes Alliance, the IUPUI Center for Urban Health, The IUPUI Fairbanks School of Public Health and the Hoosier Environmental Council, the Indiana Lead Forum will help attendees recognize potential lead hazards in all places they occur and offer access to information and resources to develop effective management plans.

When: April 21, 2016, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Where: Ivy Tech Corporate College & Culinary Institute 2820 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46208 Cost: $40 (lunch included)

The Indiana Lead Forum will include presentations and discussion on finding lead in water, soil and paint, effective management methods, and resources available to Hoosier communities. Exhibitors will also be on hand offering information about outreach, testing and remediation services.

For more information and to register visit: www.ikecoalition.org/indiana-lead-forum

The Indiana Lead Forum is sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Musical Benefit: Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Songs Inspired by the Beauty, Complexity & Diversity of Nature

With Bill Price, Joe Peters, Eric MacDougall & friends

Saturday, May 21, 7:30 pm

Roberts Park United Methodist Church
401 North Delaware Street
Indianapolis IN 46204

Light refreshments available, free parking

$12 admission or $10 with RSVP to bbp@billprice.info

Partial proceeds benefit Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light and Hoosier Environmental Council

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