As a Denominational or Interfaith Group

Hoosier IPL offers several benefits to its partners, including:

  • Bringing our expertise in the realm of faith and ethics, as well as our influence with faith groups across Indiana, to promote shared environmental concerns.
  • Shared programming, including workshops and energy tools.
  • Promotion of the environmental efforts of our partners. 

While our partners remain their own entities, as does H-IPL, we would like to list these partnerships and our shared projects in mutually agreeable ways on our websites and other promotional materials.

Denominational, Interdenominational, and Interfaith Partnerships

Regional and statewide denominational bodies, and interdenominational and interfaith groups in Indiana, work as vital partners with H-IPL, joining in common cause, promoting and publicizing one another’s environmental efforts in their networks, drawing upon our resources and offering their own.

H-IPL offers workshops, networking, tools, and resources to assist religious bodies throughout the state encourage environmental stewardship in their member congregations. For their part, faith partners often help H-IPL seek congregations with whom we might establish closer relationships. They may also, as they are able, give monetary donations to H-IPL and help us seek funding from within their denominations and networks. H-IPL enjoys active partnerships with several faith groups and invites other religious bodies to work with us as well.

If your denominational or interdenominational office or green ministry would like to explore partnership possibilities with Hoosier IPL, please email our Program Director, Trisha Tull, for information.