Our Board

The Reverend T. Wyatt Watkins, Board Chair

Wyatt Watkins is the author of five books, a professional storyteller, violinist and American Baptist pastor.  His love of Irish music inspires his passion for provoking reflection and joy in his own life and the lives of others. Having been with H-IPL since its inception, he has invested his talents heavily in the development of educational resources and programming. Most recently he has served in the leadership of a pilot program, Climate Boot Camp, which trains clergy in speaking about climate change from the pulpit. He has led his congregation in the installation of a solar array, and has developed a “pay-it-forward” fund to encourage other area congregations to do the same. Additionally, Wyatt chairs the Eastside Creation Care network in Indianapolis.

Mr. Ray Wilson, P.E., Vice-Chair

Ray Wilson has worked for Countrymark Cooperative, and since 1997 has been the president of Ray Wilson and Associates, a firm working on organizational development and operational improvement. His consulting expertise has been invaluable in helping H-IPL find clarity of purpose as it envisions future possibilities for addressing its mission. His engineering background has enabled him to assist many faith communities in the installation of solar arrays for their buildings. In addition to having installed solar on his own home, he led his Unitarian Universalist congregation to purchase solar panels. He leads Using Energy Prudently workshops on behalf of H-IPL throughout the state. Ray also chairs the Indy Green Congregations, the north Indy affiliate of H-IPL.

The Reverend E. Suzanne Wille, Secretary

Suzanne Wille is rector of The Episcopal Church of All Saints in Indianapolis. Bringing her employment experience with nonprofits, she joined the H-IPL board in the fall of 2015. Her creative writing and speaking talents inform her willingness to assist in the development of an integrated energy efficiency program to be available to faith communities throughout Indiana. Combining her strong concern for social justice and creation care, she brings an energy and passion to the board for giving birth to new initiatives that will address climate change.

The Reverend R. Bruce Russell-Jayne, Treasurer

Bruce Russell-Jayne has served Unitarian Universalist congregations in Illinois, Utah, and Ohio, and was a chaplain at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. In addition to restructuring H-IPL's financial system during the past year, Bruce has been actively involved with advocacy and legislative programming. He and his wife installed solar panels at their home in Carmel in summer 2015. Before ministry, Bruce worked as an engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority, where he helped install SO2 Scrubbers on two units of TVA's Paradise Fossil Plant. He attends All Souls Unitarian Church in Indianapolis.

Ms. Dori Chandler

Dori Chandler is an urban and environmental planner who brings a wealth of non-profit experience in the areas of advocacy and organizational skills. As an educator and leader within the Jewish community, she is eager to share in the interfaith work of promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. She works with the Citizens' Climate Lobby, as well as with the Indiana Recycling Coalition on the Indiana Food Scrap Initiative. Her leadership skills have been honed through her work as an urban planning fellow in Midtown Manhattan, and she now resides in Indianapolis and attends the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. 

Ms. Annette M. Johnson

Annette Johnson brings to the H-IPL board a passion for legislative advocacy. An active member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, she serves on the Sickle Cell Initiative Board and the NAACP Executive Board. Annette currently works for the Indiana Department of Education as an outreach education specialist. Her political expertise is a valuable asset in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. She joined the H-IPL board in the summer of 2015 in order to make a personal faith response to climate change.

Dr. Stephanie Kimball

Dr. Stephanie Kimball may be better known to many as H-IPL's very first staff member, who developed both the Task of the Month program used widely among our congregations, and the regional affiliate structure on which our statewide organization is based. She is a climate activist, educator, writer and organizer. She is also one of our teachers, offering workshops on building congregational green teams and interfaith groups, sustainable living, and dealing with grief in an age of ecological collapse. Stephanie lives outside of Bloomington and attends the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington.

The Reverend Kimberly Koczan

Kimberly Koczan is actively involved with the Church of the Brethren, and has a relationship with the Presbyterian USA and Buddhist practice. Her ministry emphasis has been on eco-spirituality, eco-theology and peace studies. Having joined the H-IPL board in the fall of 2015, Kimberly brings an enthusiasm and creative energy that is renewing and challenging to the board. Living in Fort Wayne, and attending Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren, she opens more possibilities for H-IPL's expansion into the northeastern quadrant of the state. With a variety of experiences in nonprofit work, she is eager to raise funds and develop programs for H-IPL's expanding mission.

Dr. Saiyid Masroor Shah

Dr. S. Masroor Shah is a retired radiation physicist living in Newburgh, Indiana. He attends the Islamic Center of Evansville, and chairs the Islamic Society of North America’s Green Masjid Task Force. Dr. Shah is a member of Tri-State Creation Care, a H-IPL affiliate group, and a frequent contributor to print and online publications, especially on the topics of interfaith cooperation and environmental responsibility among faith groups. He brings to the Hoosier IPL board not only his unique perspective as an environmentally passionate Muslim and scientist, but also his years of interfaith work, his experience on many different boards, and his many friendships and connections in the Evansville area.  

The Reverend Dennis Shock

Dennis Shock has served six United Methodist congregations in Indiana, and represents the Indiana United Methodist Conference on the H-IPL board. A founding member of H-IPL, Dennis has served as treasurer, and most recently is giving leadership to the formation of an affiliate group in Hamilton County located to the north of Indianapolis. He is a charter member of the Carmel Green Initiative, and an active member of Epworth United Methodist Church, where he chairs the Green Team. Dennis utilizes his wisdom and insight to give direction to the advocacy programs developed through H-IPL's legislative outreach initiatives.

Dr. Cassie Majetic

Dr. Cassie Majetic is an associate professor in the Department of Biology at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, with expertise in botany and evolutionary ecology. She also serves as program coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Program in Environmental Studies at the college, teaching environmental science and conservation biology.  A member of Saint Anthony De Pauda parish, South Bend, and with close ties to the Sisters of Holy Cross at Saint Mary’s, Dr. Majetic draws a great deal of her passion for environmental justice and creation care from Catholic social teaching perspectives. She is excited to extend these passions to the work of H-IPL, especially in terms of educational inititatives. Dr. Majetic also currently serves on the Green Ribbon Commission for the City of South Bend’s Office of Sustainability.



Our Board Advisors


Dr. Ben Brabson, Education Advisor

A retired professor of physics and a climate scientist, Dr. Brabson speaks on behalf of H-IPL regarding climate change and energy efficiency. He is one of three primary presenters in our developing Climate Boot Camp program.  

Dr. Thomas Jeavons, Development Advisor

An adjunct faculty member of the Indiana University School of Philanthropy as well as Scholar in Residence at Earlham School of Religion, Dr. Jeavons specializes in reviewing grant materials for H-IPL.  Active with an American Baptist congregation, Thom has a special passion for values-centered nonprofits and organizations working for the common good. He has authored several books on nonprofit management and fundraising.

Dr. James Lemons, Greening Relationships Advisor

At his home church in Indianapolis, Second Presbyterian, Dr. Lemons leads weekly classes on environmental justice and community issues. He spearheaded the building of a hospital in Kenya with emphasis on HIV prevention and treatment. Currently Jim is exploring ways to install solar at that hospital. As a pediatrician at Indiana University Hospitals, he is particularly concerned with the poor and disenfranchised. 

Our Staff

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John Dane, Executive Director

John H. Dane joined our H-IPL team as our new part-time Executive Director in September 2017. A Michigan native who was raised in the United Methodist Church, he has held professional positions in associations and non-profits since 1987.  John and his wife Lisa recently returned to Indiana after a decade in California where John most recently served as Executive Director for the California Resource Recovery Association, a leading educational and advocacy voice on recycling and climate change issues.   Prior to this John, lead the Indianapolis-based United States Rowing Association, which trained and managed the United States National Rowing Team for international and Olympic competitions. John holds a Masters degree from Virginia Tech. John and Lisa have two grown sons and one new granddaughter!  


Amy Barnes, Program Manager

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Amy is part of the creation care team at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (UMC) in Indianapolis and has chaired the statewide UMC Creation Care Committee. As a workshop facilitator, she leads programs on social justice and environmental sustainability for both the United Methodist Church and Awakening the Dreamer. She has served on the Board of the Heartlands Group of the Sierra Club.

Amy has a Masters in Counseling from Christian Theological Seminary, where she has also been Alumni Board President. She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Butler University.  She is a licensed therapist and trauma specialist, who debriefs employees in the workplace after traumatic incidents.  


Angie Wiliford, Administrative Manager

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Angie joined H-IPL as a part time administrative support staff member in January 2017. Angie comes to us with over 20 years of administrative experience. She has been a part-time administrative assistant at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital since 2006, where she supports the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery department. 

Angie has a Bachelor of Science in Business from Indiana University. She grew up and still lives in Brownsburg IN, with her husband Ed and their two teenage children. They are active members of Church at Main in Brownsburg.


Mr. Mike Oles III, Advocacy and Community Organizing Consultant

Indiana New Era Strategies

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Mike Oles has an extensive background in community organizing and working with faith communities. A graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, Mike majored in history and studied in Jerusalem for a semester. His work in advocacy proved instrumental in Indianapolis Power and Light's decision to stop burning coal at the Harding Street plant in 2016. He served as a lay leader of an urban United Methodist church, chairs his current church's mission team, Calvary United Methodist in Brownsburg, and serves on the justice and advocacy team for the Indiana United Methodist Church.