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What is the Clean Power Plan?                                                                                                                                                    

In early August 2015, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency announced the Clean Power Plan – a historic and important step in reducing carbon pollution from power plants that takes real action on climate change.

Shaped by years of unprecedented outreach and public engagement, the final Clean Power Plan is fair, flexible and designed to strengthen the fast-growing trend toward cleaner and lower-polluting American energy. With strong but achievable standards for power plants, and customized goals for states to cut the carbon pollution that is driving climate change, the Clean Power Plan provides national consistency, accountability and a level playing field while reflecting each state’s energy mix. It also shows the world that the United States is committed to leading global efforts to address climate change.


What are the economic costs and benefits of Clean Power Plan?

Most economists believe that the Clean Power Plan will be a huge economic benefit for our nation.  An article in Forbes Magazine states that the plan will lower utility bills, spur enterpenuership and innovation, and create a quarter million dollar jobs by 2040. 

An Environmental Defense Fund analysis states that the Plan would have long-standing climate and health benefits that will total between $55 and $93 billion by the year 2030, while the cost of the Plan is estimated to total $7.3 to $8.8 billion.


Why should people of faith care about the Clean Power Plan?

 In Pope Francis' encyclical letter, Laudato Si' (On Care For Our Common Home"), he proclaims that personal responsibility is an important step toward reversing our environmental desecration but that political and structural transformations are needed for lasting change. He proclaims, “Every effort to protect and improve our world entails profound changes in lifestyles, models of production and consumption, and the established structures of power which today govern societies.” The Clean Power Plant Plan helps create the much needed political and structural transformation needed to protect God's creation.  


Why are some Indiana politicians opposing the Clean Power Plan?

 The fossil fuel industry is heavily entrenched in our state and there is no doubt that coal has been a major part of Indiana's story to this point.  To say the least, the fossil fuel lobby is very strong in Indiana and both major political parties have been leery of the Clean Power Plan.  The only way that this will change is if our politicians here from their constituents and voters about why the Clean Power Plan is the moral and right thing for Indiana.  


What action should people of faith do to support the Clean Power Plan?

 Pray.  Pray for justice and a healthier future for Indiana.  Learn. Educate yourself and your community more fully about the Clean Power Plan. Act. We have started a petition calling for our political leaders, especially Governor Pence and Senator Donnelly, to fully support the Clean Power Plan.  Also, write your elected officials individually and send letters to the editor of your favorite local newspaper.  Also, we will have a public delivery of our petition to Governor Pence and Senator Donnelly sometime this October.