Climate Boot Camp

Come and learn about talking about climate change in your community!

Climate Boot Camp is an in-depth workshop to equip faith leaders to speak confidently and knowledgeably about climate change and its impacts, and to respond as people of faith to this critical challenge. The workshop covers scientific, theological, and pastoral dimensions of the climate crisis, and offers space not only for conversation but for planning and implementing a specific project at participants’ own congregations. A debriefing session will be held via videoconference several weeks later--check individual events for dates. 

The workshops are led by Dr. Ben Brabson (IU climate scientist), the Rev. Wyatt Watkins (pastor of Cumberland First Baptist Church, Indy, and H-IPL's board chair), and the Rev. Dr. Trisha Tull (biblical scholar and H-IPL's program director). 

$15 registration fee covers refreshments, lunch, and materials. As soon as you register, you will be directed to a page containing links to all the preparatory readings. For more information, contact Trisha Tull

Go here to find upcoming workshops and to register for the date of your choice!