Energy Stewards

Know Your Building's Power Use

Conserving on utilities saves money that can be used for congregational programs. More importantly, cutting out waste helps reduce many forms of pollution, from air and water contamination that create health hazards, to greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. For reasons economic, ecological, and ethical, religious congregations are giving attention to  seemingly mundane matters like our energy bills, light switches, thermostats, and HVAC systems.

Getting and staying on top of your congregation's utility costs is not rocket science, but it does require attention. You can set up your own spreadsheet and start tracking the congregation's bills yourself, but H-IPL provides an easier way.

We offer a program called Energy Stewards, which allows your congregation to work toward the gold standard of building efficiency, Energy Star certification. The program also allows congregations to:

  • Track energy use, even in complex facilities
  • Create an action plan for energy reduction
  • Measure energy reductions and cost savings
  • Compare efforts with other Energy Stewards participants

Energy Stewards offers easy-to-read graphs and charts, and provides tracking and sophisticated analysis of energy usage. 

Below is a glance at the Energy Stewards home page:


Energy Stewards graphs track your electricity, gas, water if you like, solar generation if you have it, and show your energy improvements over time:


It also includes a comprehensive list of possible action items to tailor to your building's needs, plan, and execute:


Cost is $100/year per congregation for the basic program, in which you enter your utility data yourself. Or with the $150/year enhanced program, Energy Stewards will enter it for you.

To learn more about Energy Stewards download our free Using Energy Prudently Guide.

To explore the Energy Stewards website, go here and log in as, password: energy.

Here is a webinar that explains some basic how-to's for using Energy Stewards.

Here is the Energy Stewards Set-Up Form. Save, fill in, and send as email attachment to: Here is a checklist of information needed:

____ Congregation name and street address

____ Primary contact name, email address, and phone number

____ Year building was built

____ Total square footage

____ Weekly operating hours

____ Number of weekdays open

____ Seating capacity of sanctuary

____ Number of computers in building

____ Whether there is a kitchen, and number of refrigerators and freezers

____ Other uses of your building (such as a school or rented offices) and square footage used

____ Utility suppliers and account numbers; web addresses; and login information

____ Basic information on any renewable energy generated by building (e.g., solar panels)

Questions? Contact us at