Englewood Christian Church

Englewood exteriorEnglewood Christian Church on the near east side of Indianapolis, led by H-IPL board member Rev. Mike Bowling, has a history of doing all that they do with a deep commitment to their mission of social justice. Three-fourths of the congregation live within half a mile of the church, some in multifamily dwellings, enabling them to save a great deal of carbon in their daily lifestyles of shared resources.

Englewood began their energy efficiency journey ten years ago by replacing an old boiler with a high efficiency HVAC system. They ratcheted up their savings further by hiring a professional energy auditor to find them $20,000 worth of energy investments that would save them both carbon and money over time. Their lighting retrofits alone were estimated to save between $3000 and $5000 every year year.

They have also concentrated on making sure their buildings don’t stand empty, but instead fully serve the community, with child care services, cooking classes, and nonprofit offices. They have helped their neighbors to make home repairs that saved them energy as well. And they established the first Indiana Solar Limited Liability Corporation, which leveraged investments to expand the OED grant for their solar array by 5 additional kilowatts.

Building on that experience, they and other groups won another grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to create Indiana’s first net positive energy multifamily development, the Oxford Place Senior Apartments just half a block from the church, which will generate more energy than it uses, winning them a Green Legacy Award from Earth Charter Indiana. 

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Below: Oxford Place, dedicated in October 2016, is powered by 440 solar panels.