Indiana now Ranked 40th in Country in Energy Efficiency

Dropped 13 spots after state legislature killed energize Indiana.

Some disappointing news for Indiana yesterday.  We are now ranked 40th in the country for energy efficiency, according to the American Council for An Energy Efficient Economy.  Indiana dropped 13 spots since last year's report, which was the largest drop in the country. Our precipitous fall was because Indiana's state legislature killed the Energize Indiana program, which promoted energy efficiency programs for Indiana residents and businesses.  

How successful was Energizing Indiana?  "Environmentalists say the Energizing Indiana program has created more than 1,500 jobs and served more than 200,000 Hoosier households and businesses. The Sierra  Club estimated the program resulted in $80 million in savings for utilities in 2012," said an article from the Indianapolis Business journal in June 2014.

 Above:  Video from Indiana Public Media about the end of Energize Indiana and what might replace it.