Friday, September 15, 2017

Students will be traveling from multiple Indiana colleges, universities, and seminaries to start the eco-justice field trip in Indianapolis. Itinerary may change. 

1:00 PM:  Mile 0, Indianapolis, IN

Eco-Justice Field Trip begins at Christian Theological Seminary, on the campus of Butler University, Indianapolis. 

2:00 PM: Mile 6, Indianapolis, IN

Brief Visit to Indianapolis Power & Light headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. IPL is one of five investor-owned utilities in Indiana, own the toxic super polluter Petersburg Coal Plant, and lobbied heavily in favor of the anti solar SEA 309 legislation during the 2017 Indiana Legislature. 

2:45 PM Mile 17, Indianapolis, IN

Brief Visit to Harding Street Generating Station. This former coal plant is owned by IPL. The closure of the coal plant in 2016 was a result of years of legal strategy and activism. 

3:45 PM Mile 52, Martinsville, IN 

Brief Visit to Eagle Valley Generating Station. Owned by IPL, this location is home to several coal ash ponds and  a large natural gas plant is being built here to replace the old coal plant. 

5:30 PM Mile 79, Bloomington, IN

Celebrating Sabbath in Bloomington. Overnight stay. We will overnight in Bloomington, Indiana, near the campus of Indiana University. We will participate in the weekly Shabbat experience at IU Hillel. The mouth-watering smells of freshly baked challah, matzah ball soup and roasted chicken greet each student as they enter the doors of the Hillel house every Friday night.  Shabbat at Hillel attracts approximately 150-200 students each week for Reform, Conservative and Orthodox services followed by a free home cooked Shabbat dinner.

Saturday, February 16, 2017

8:00 AM Mile 81, Bloomington, IN

Breakfast at Bloomington Farmers' Market and Visit to Bloomington Solar Projects. 

The Bloomington Community Farmers' Market has been a beloved Bloomington tradition for 40 years, offering a tantalizing array of locally grown flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, honey, apple butter and more along with live music, food vendors and special events like tomato tastings! Trust us, this is THE place to be on Saturday mornings in B-town.

The Bloomington Community Farmers' Market is Southern Indiana's largest farmers market, and the variety of products you'll discover will amaze you. You might also see a few other things that will amaze you - like A Fair of the Arts, a monthly art and fine craft fair held on the second Saturday of each month in conjunction with the market... or a parrot on a bicycle (seriously!)

10:30 AM Mile 121, Crane, Indiana 

Visit Crane Solar Project, owned by Duke Energy. A 145-acre solar farm that will turn the sun's rays into enough electricity to power several thousand homes, opened in 2017 at southern Indiana's Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.

12:00 PM, Mile 166, Petersburg, Indiana 

Visit Petersburg Power Plant. This coal plant, owned by Indianapolis Power & Light, ranks as the nation's ninth largest super-polluter (#9 out of 22) ninth largest toxic polluter and 35th largest climate polluter. 

1:30 PM, Mile 207, Owensville, Indiana

Visit Gibson Power Plant. This coal plant, owned by Duke Energy, ranks as the nation's largest super polluter (#1 out of 22). It is the 4th largest climate polluter and the 35th largest toxic polluter in the country.

3:00 PM Mile 248,  Evansville, Indiana 

Overnight in Evansville, In. Visits to downtown Evansville, a mosque, and the University of Evansville. Hotel Stay. 

 Sunday, September 17, 2017

9:00 AM Mile 256, Evansville, IN

Worship Service at Bethlehem United Church, a solar powered solar powered congregation.  After months of prayer, research, and planning, 160 solar panels were installed on our beautiful campus in December 2016.  Bethlehem is the first house of worship to have an array in Southwestern Indiana: the array is currently the second largest church array in the State of Indiana.

12:00 PM Mile 291, Rockport, Indiana 

Visit AEP Rockport Coal Plant

This coal plant, owned by Duke Energy, ranks as the nation's second largest super polluter (#2 out of 22). It is the 6th largest climate polluter and the 44th largest toxic polluter in the country.

1:00 PM Mile 310, Lincoln City, Indiana

Visit Lincoln State Park. Discover the boyhood home of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Among the rolling hills and thick forest, young Lincoln learned many life lessons. Known as our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln was also environmentally minded. 

In 1862 Lincoln established the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). At the time more than 90% of Americans were farmers, so this was an important and powerful department. The USDA still has a major impact on our environment, as does U.S. agriculture.

That wasn’t Lincoln’s only contribution to the environment and the sciences. He authorized the establishment of the National Academy of Sciences in 1863. He also signed one of the first conservation laws, which helped lay the foundations of the national park service. In 1864 Lincoln signed a bill which established protection for the Yosemite Valley in California. The aim of the bill was the protection of the valley’s trees, an idea that had gained support when a massive and famous redwood called the Mother of the Forest was felled in 1851, sparking outrage across the country.

The Civilian Conservation Corps, a national program designed to provide jobs for unemployed young men during the Great Depression, was instrumental in establishing the park’s recreational facilities. These include the CCC-built beautiful Lake Lincoln, Lakeside shelter, boat rental building (formerly a ranger cabin) and many trails.

Sarah Lincoln Woods Nature Preserve is located in the southernmost portion of the park. A visit to Lincoln State Park is like taking a step back in time to when the land was wild and Lincoln was a boy.

5:00 PM, Mile 462, Indianapolis, IN 

Return to Indianapolis, IN, Christian Theological Seminary.