Our Workshop Leaders

Our regular teachers include...

Mr. Darrell Boggess (Bloomington), educator with Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) program who explains solar performance, cost, and availability. He regularly leads H-IPL's Solar Forums. Contact him at: tomm22@comcast.net

Dr. Ben Brabson (Bloomington), climate scientist at Indiana University. He regularly co-leads our Climate Boot Camp. Contact him at: brabson@indiana.edu

Ms. Sharon Horvath and Mr. Andy Pike (Indianapolis), members of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and longtime Creation Care Ministry leaders, who lead workshops on Organizing for Green Ministry. Contact them at: sharonh24@gmail.com and apike24@gmail.com

Mr. Mike Oles III (Brownsburg), H-IPL’s organizing director, an experienced social activist. He leads the workshop on Sustainable Social Policy. Contact him at: mikeoles@hoosieripl.org.

Ms. Jodi Perras (Indianapolis), GreenFaith Fellow and manager of Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign in Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. She leads workshops on environmental advocacy and how faith communities can help move Indiana beyond coal to cleaner forms of energy. Contact her at: jodi.perras@sierraclub.org.

The Rev. Dr. Patricia K. Tull (Jeffersonville), H-IPL’s program director, an ordained Presbyterian minister, writer, and biblical scholar, who regularly leads workshops on Religious Teachings and Creation Care; Organizing for Green Ministry; and Climate Boot Camp. Contact her at: trishatull@hoosieripl.org.

The Rev. T. Wyatt Watkins (Indianapolis), H-IPL board member, musician, and pastor of Cumberland First Baptist Church. He regularly co-leads our Climate Boot Camp. Contact him at: watkinsdt@aol.com

Mr. Ray Wilson, P.E. (Indianapolis), H-IPL board member and leader in the Using Energy Prudently program. He leads Using Energy Prudently workshops and Solar Forums. Contact him at: rwwilson@iquest.net.

More leaders!

We have many other knowledgeable and dedicated workshop leaders who may be called upon by groups or congregations. Please contact each individual directly to negotiate plans, honorarium, and travel reimbursement:

The Rev. Marie Fleming is an ordained Disciples of Christ pastor, co-founder of Indiana Green Chalice, and a certified Permaculture designer and teacher. She offers several hands-on workshops concerning congregational culture, Christian education, worship, and permaculture as faith practice. See full descriptions of four of her workshops here. Contact her at flemingmf@comcast.net

Dr. Margaret Frericks (Indianapolis), environmental scientist, is the program manager for Improving Kid's Environment, an Indianapolis non-profit focusing on preventing childrens' exposure to environmental hazards. She is available to teach on organic farming, maintaining environmentally healthy homes, schools, and churches, and on specific environmental hazards such as lead, pesticides, radon. Contact her at mfrericks@ikecoalition.org.

Ms. Amy Huser (Berne, NE Indiana) is a former art teacher and middle school Green Team sponsor, current leader of Creation Care Initiatives at Emmaus Road Mennonite Fellowship, and master’s candidate in Resilient and Sustainable Communities through Green Mountain College.  She is available to lead workshops on environmental wellness, ecological economics, climate change in Northeast Indiana, resilience and sustainability, eco-art, and mobilizing children and youth to care for the earth. Contact her at amyhc127@outlook.com.

Dr. Stephanie Kimball (Bloomington) is a climate activist, educator, writer and organizer, as well as a founding staff member of Hoosier IPL, who developed and continues to oversee H-IPL’s Task of the Month program for conserving energy at home.  Stephanie offers workshops on building congregational green teams and interfaith groups, sustainable living, and dealing with grief in an age of ecological collapse. Contact her at kimball.stephanie@gmail.com.

The Rev. Larry Kleiman (Indianapolis) is a United Church of Christ minister and previous executive director of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. He is available to lead workshops on motivating congregations to become proactively green, and to introduce audiences to Hoosier IPL and what it offers. Contact him at lrkleiman@msn.com.

Mr. Greg Osland (Indianapolis) is Executive Director of Project Eden, which exists to reconnect people with creation and restore broken ecosystems. He leads workshops on organizing and implementing ecological restoration projects, such as naturalizing pond areas and restoring native prairies woodlands. Contact him at greg@project-eden.org

Mr. Nathan Rues (Fishers) is an engineer, sustainability activist, recycling entrepreneur, and Creation Care Ministry Leader at Holy Spirit Catholic Church at Geist.  Nathan has over 15 years experience with advanced hybrid and electric vehicle powertains.  He is available to speak on getting more miles per gallon as well as reducing your home's energy use.  Contact him at nathan.rues@kaps4kids.com.

Ms. Sara Sterley (Noblesville) is Senior Director of Project Eden which exists to reconnect people with creation and restore broken ecosystems. She leads workshops on community gardening and other food justice topics. Contact her at sara@project-eden.org.