March 2016

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In this issue:

  • Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home
  • Harding Street Plant Burns Its Last Coal
  • New Challenge Grant Received
  • Website Continues to Grow and Develop
  • Interfaith Power & Light Introduces Faith Climate Action Week
  • Faith Matters: Faith Groups Have Responsibility to Protect Planet
  • Energy Stewards: Tracking and Changing Your Power
  • Support Our Cause: Consider a Donation

Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home

People of faith from around Indiana will gather on Saturday afternoon, March 12, to engage the dynamics of caring for creation.  Offering insights from Muslim, Jewish, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian perspectives, leaders will provide opportunities to reflect on the moral and ethical issues of climate change and environmental health.  Registration for this event is free but required:  Original music focused on the environment will be performed.  Seating is limited so please register ear

Harding Street Plant Burns Its Last Coal

Indianapolis Power and Light has shared the good news that coal burning at its Harding Street plant has ended. H-IPL celebrates and congratulates IPL on this milestone achievement towards clean energy in central Indiana. We applaud their continued efforts to support solar power, and to work with environmental groups in developing new programs that will bring health and wholeness to our air and water.

New Challenge Grant Received

Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light has been awarded a challenge grant of $12,000 to support a simplified energy efficiency program for use in faith communities throughout Indiana. Utilizing Energy Stewards tracking software and offering a wealth of resources for implementing energy efficiency, this program (to be known as Using Energy Prudently) will be easily accessible to any size congregation. Details and registration for participation will soon be available on the H-IPL website. Brochures outlining the benefits and opportunities of the program will be shared at the March 12th event, Interfaith Voices for the Earth: Our Common Home.

Website Continues to Grow and Develop

Be sure to check out the more refined and interactive website for H-IPL at

Interfaith Power & Light Introduces Faith Climate Action Week

Faith Climate Action WeekOur national organization, Interfaith Power & Light, has revamped the annual Preach-In, which has occurred each year close to Valentine’s Day. They have moved it to nine days in April surrounding Earth Day, and renamed it Faith Climate Action Week. This year’s theme is “Paris and Beyond.” It will focus on how achieving the climate protection goals in the Paris Agreement require action from all of us.

In addition to sample sermons on caring for creation and the climate, IPL will offer resources and links for outdoor activities, films, music, service projects, postcards for policy makers, and more to help involve and educate your congregation on how to protect the climate.

Sign up now to receive a link to download the materials, or to get hard copies and access to the free downloadable kit. Meanwhile, you can explore the website for inspiration.

Please click here to reserve a copy of your 2016 Faith Climate Action Week kit today. Thank you for showing your love for Creation during Earth Week.

Faith Matters: Faith Groups Have Responsibility to Protect Planet

Evansville Courier & Press LogoH-IPL’s Newest Board Member, Dr. Saiyid Shah, recently wrote a column in the Evansville Courier Press calling faith groups to responsibility to protect the earth, citing the Quran, which states, “He (Almighty God) is the one who made you guardians in the earth.” Read his column here.

Energy Stewards: Tracking and Changing Your Power

Energy Stewards LogoH-IPL leaders are introducing Using Energy Prudently, a newly expanded umbrella program to help Indiana congregations take charge of their energy use, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, conserving electricity and gas, saving the earth and saving money. A helpful Using Energy Prudently guide will help your congregation find your way through organizing your leadership for creation care and prudent energy reduction, auditing your building, deciding on energy-saving measures, tracking your power use, improving the health of your land, using energy prudently at home, and much more. Full details will be available starting at the March 12 conference Interfaith Voices for the Earth.

A key component of the overall UEP program is Energy Stewards, an online interface that will make tracking your energy easy, allowing you to see how much you are using and how your conservation efforts save both CO2 and cash. Here is a sample of what you can see when you sign your congregation up and log in:

Energy Stewards Graphs
The cost for a congregation to participate, and to have all your utility data uploaded for you, is only $150 per year (or $100/year if you upload it monthly yourself). Energy Stewards interfaces with the EPA’s Portfolio Manager program, allowing your congregation to apply for Energy Star certification. It also offers an abundance of tools for planning and carrying out conservation measures.

To find out more, or to register for Energy Stewards, contact Ray Wilson. And watch the website for more information!

Consider a Donation

This year will be a critical time in the struggle against climate change. Please consider a gift to help H-IPL continue to grow and build the movement to care for creation.

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