Creation Care Leadership Workshops

Creation Care Leadership Workshops

Creation Care Leadership Workshops

 Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light (H-IPL) offers workshops for people of faith engaging in creation care ministry. Workshops are open to people of all denominations, ages, and levels of knowledge and expertise and can be arranged in any locality where 7* or more faith communities (congregations) agree to participate. For more information, or to arrange a workshop series, please call (812) 361-3889 or write to [email protected]

Purpose: This workshop builds local cohorts of people of faith who will work together to lead their communities in earth stewardship.

Expectations: The Creation Care Leadership (CCL) Workshop is designed to be participatory and interactive. Participants should come expecting not only to learn, but to contribute ideas, share experiences, clarify hopes, and be challenged. Expected outcomes include renewed commitment to creation care work and community with others drawn to this sacred work, a shared vision, concrete plans for reducing energy use, and greater hope based on shared action fueled by the power of faith.  Specifically, we hope that communities will form interfaith Regional Affiliate Groups, and start or build creation care ministries within their participating congregations.

The following topics are addressed:

The Faith Basis for Creation Care: What do various faith traditions say about our relationship with the Earth? What are the implications of this for how we live our lives? How is stewardship of the earth related to ministry with the poor and the pursuit of justice?

The Science of Global Warming: What evidence is there that anything is wrong, and that our actions can make a difference? What changes can we expect here in Indiana and around the world if we fail to act? How urgent is this problem?

Tools and Resources: What are some effective ways to engage congregations in reducing energy use? How are they used? What is the process for starting creation care ministry in congregations?

Goals and Plans: What is it we intend to accomplish, in our own homes, in our congregations, and in our community as a whole? How will we do that? Who will do what, how will we support each other, and how will we hold ourselves accountable?

Strengths and Obstacles: What strengths do we bring to this work? What obstacles threaten to stop us? How can we overcome them?

*Exceptions will be made for smaller communities or others where fewer than 7 congregations can be involved.  H-IPL will assist with outreach to congregations to the fullest extent possible.