Affiliations and partnerships with Hoosier IPL build a network of relationships joining us together in common cause. Individuals and organizations can join or partner with us in a variety of ways, described in these pages. For our complete guide to Hoosier IPL's networks, go here. Follow these links to learn more about how to affiliate as an individual, a congregation, or a regional group, or to partner with us as a denomination or interfaith group, an environmental partner, or a business partner.

We are very proud of our regional affiliates across the Hoosier state. While affiliate groups may operate differently in different locales, they all serve to connect congregations working on earth stewardship, and to reach out to those who have not yet started. Most meet monthly to share ideas and resources, host programs and events, develop plans and strategies, and enjoy the fellowship of others engaged in creation care work. Click here to learn about our current affiliate groups. Click here to learn what affiliate groups can do.