Our Webinars

Starting and Nurturing Your Creation Care Ministry

No matter how hardworking and successful they are, green teams or creation care committees are often beset by frustration: Why isn’t everyone more involved? Why does the congregation move so slowly? Are we really making a difference? What can we do?

This webinar offers tools and resources for creation care in your congregation or community. Assess, plan, evaluate, and build your ideas for making environmental action an everyday ethic in the life of your faith community. Discuss your successes, questions, and ideas with other creation care teams. To participate, you will need a computer, preferably with webcam, speakers and microphone. Led by H-IPL Program Facilitator Trisha Tull. Free and open to individuals and teams statewide. To register for an upcoming webinar, go to the H-IPL Calendar



The Spirit Is Willing, and We Are Not Faint: A Webinar Series Sponsored by Georgia IPL and Hoosier IPL 

What strengths are being called forth among those who care for creation? How are these gained? What does an ecologically sustainable future look like, and how can we know it when we see it? In this three-part webinar series we will explore these themes: the human role in creation as faith imagines it; the shape of social movements and their leadership; and compelling visions for a healthy, just, and satisfying future.

Host for the webinar is the Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley, executive director at GIPL. Speaker is the Rev. Dr. Trisha Tull, program director at H-IPL.

These webinars were first aired in May, 2016. Find an event flyer here.   

Wednesday, May 11
Rethinking Scripture, Humans, and Creation: Five perspectives for a creation care ethic grounded in faith. Click here to view this webinar.

Wednesday, May 18
Creating Social Movements for Change: Resources both historical and personal that power our drive to care for creation. Click here to view this webinar.

Wednesday, May 25
Shifting to a Flourishing Future: Stories and signposts for a future of ecological and social prosperity. Click here to view this webinar.