Part-Time Program Manager Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light (H-IPL)

Position Description 

Download PDF version of this position description here. 

Position Summary

The part-time Program Manager directs H-IPL’s various programs to aid religious congregations in their creation care efforts as H-IPL leads Indiana faith communities in responding to the global climate crisis.

The Program Manager reports to the Executive Director and works closely with other staff members, the Board of Directors, the Board Program Committee, and other volunteers to achieve H-IPL’s program goals. The Program Manager functions as both a visionary and a connector, able to see gaps in our program offerings and to work with others to fill those gaps, as well as to assure the forward momentum and smooth operation of new programs once established. The Program Manager sets the pace of hopeful, active, collaborative, and big-tent engagement for Indiana’s faith communities.   

 Attributes and Skills

 To the extent feasible, the Program Manager shall exhibit a strong mix of these attributes and skills:

  • A person of faith who can articulate connections between faith and the moral issues surrounding climate change; Passionate about combating climate change;
  • Conversant in interfaith dialogue with a wide variety of faith traditions;
  • A skillful manager of programs and volunteers, and a willing collaborator with others;
  • A skilled communicator whether in writing, public speaking, or social media;
  • A well-organized, efficient, and effective self-starter, available to travel to meet with constituents across the state, host video conference meetings and writing and editing newsletter articles;
  • A networker who can strengthen H-IPL’s ties with denominations, geographical regions, congregations, and partner organizations;
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is preferred.



The Program Manager, along with the Program Committee of the Board, shall create, oversee and nurture H-IPL’s work in several broad areas:

  • Affiliate development: These volunteer-led chapters use H-IPL’s resources and draw upon local resources to support creation care in congregations and to reach out to community members with programming supporting environmental sustainability and advocacy.
  • Energy conservation and renewable energy: H-IPL’s Using Energy Program includes energy conservation and solar workshops, solar grants, Energy Stewards (an online tool for tracking power use), H-IPL Acclaimed Congregations, Task of the Month and the Household Energy Survey (to engage congregation members in energy conservation at home), and the Using Energy Prudently workshops and guide.
  • Education and Outreach, consisting of:
    • Climate Boot Camp, a workshop to train clergy and lay leaders in speaking out with urgency and hope about climate change, its effects, and mitigation;
    • Creation Care Development, to help congregations plan and develop their green teams and creation care ministries;
    • H-IPL’s monthly newsletter, our primary forum for news, insight, and inspiration;
    • Outreach: table displays at a variety of events and seeking volunteers and congregations to join H-IPL and find meaningful engagement.
    • Environmental Justice Assessing opportunities to assist the poor and underserved, who stand in particular danger from climate change and other forms of pollution, is a growing edge in all our programming.


Office Environment

  • The Program Manager is expected to work remotely from a home office or from other locations and to have consistent access to a computer, printer, and telephone. Should H-IPL secure office space the Program Manager may use those facilities for H-IPL work.
  • Consistent with H-IPL’s budget, H-IPL will reimburse the Program Manager for:

a)     office supplies such a printer ink, paper

b)     travel mileage for authorized travel at the prevailing IRS rate

c)     modest entertainment expense such as refreshments at workshops

d)     pre-approved lodging expense when on travel

e)     materials produced for distribution at workshops

f)      other related expenses incurred in H-IPL programs

  • A monthly allowance for a mobile phone may be negotiated.
  • Office hours are flexible with an expectation of 20 - 25 hours per week. It is anticipated that some periods of the year will be busier than others with some weeks requiring more than 20 -25 hours and other weeks requiring less. 



  • The Program Manager is an “at-will” position. Either party may terminate the employment relationship for any reason or no reason with a 30-day notice.
  • Compensation shall be negotiated and is subject to annual review based on H-IPL’s budget.
  • H-IPL has 24 pay periods annually and compensation is paid electronically.
  • The Program Manager will receive an annual performance review from the Executive Director. Part of that review will be a discussion of program goals for the following year.
  • It is the responsibility of both the Program Manager and the Executive Director to communicate frequently to assure the timely and affordable achievement of H-IPL’s program goals.


About Hoosier IPL

Since 2012, H-IPL has grown quickly in size and scope, moving from a volunteer-driven organization to one that has a large and active Board of Directors, three staff members, and an expanding reach into many Indiana communities from South Bend to Indianapolis and Bloomington to Evansville. Over the past five years H-IPL has:

• made national news numerous times;

• been awarded major grants for its energy conservation work;

• formed coalitions with other environmental groups to address specific environmental issues;

• created a pathway for faith communities to tackle their energy use, including installing solar panels;

• become a strong voice in the statehouse advocating for environmentally sound legislation;

• been the major driver in shutting down the Harding Street Coal Plant;

• nurtured six regional affiliates statewide;

• grown our database from 500 to 3,000 contacts, 800 of them since the start of 2017;

• been named Sustainable Champion of the year in 2016 by the Hoosier Environmental Council and distinguished with the 2017 Partner for Clean Air Award by the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG).


We do all of this to live out our mission of promoting renewable energy and energy conservation as a faith response to climate change.

Our Strengths

• We are an affiliate of Interfaith Power and Light (IPL), a national network of 41 state chapters working to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard the health of all creation, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all. IPL provides guidance on processes and access to generous grants.

• We have a proven record of success: other environmental organizations are eager to partner with us; politicians are willing to meet with us, and faith communities trust us.

• We help congregations install solar panels and are the “go to” organization for solar energy in the faith community.

• We have an active board that “rolls up its sleeves,” chairing and forming committees from programming to advocacy to donor development.

• We are viewed as a key partner by national environmental groups; for example, we are the lead organization in the fight against coal plants in Indiana, administered through the Sierra Club.

• We have strong, consistent communications with our affiliates and contacts in our database.

• We motivate and empower faith communities to be advocates through community organizing as well as to make practical changes in the buildings and practices of their own congregation and members.