Update: SB 309 is currently being debated in the Indiana House of Representatives. SB 309 is currently being debated in the Indiana House of Representatives. Despite our best efforts, SB 309 was voted through the Indiana Senate. If not stopped, SB 309 could become law by mid-April 2017.  

Take Action: Make Plans for you and your network to attend the March 22 House Utilities Committee Hearing, where SB 309 will be debated. Click on this link to let us know that you are coming!.

Take Action: Contact your state representative and demand that he or she vote no on SB 309. Click here to contact your state Rep!  

Take Action: Make Plans to attend Saturday, April 1 Solar Rally at the Indiana Statehouse Click here and let us know if you can make it!. 

 Why People of Faith and Moral Courage Reject SB 309 

Indiana Senate Bill SB 309 is an attack on Indiana's clean energy economy and Indiana's energy independence. It is an attack on people and communities of faith that will want to generate their own clean energy through the sun.

We strongly believe that this bill is an attempt by Indiana’s electric monopoly utilities to quash the rooftop solar industry and prevent congregations, homeowners and small businesses from generating their own energy on their own property using the power of the sun, the wind, and other renewable energy sources. 

SB309 places a permanent prohibition on net metering in 5 years and ends net metering permanently in 15 years.  By 2022, all investor-owned utilities will be prohibited from offering net metering to any customers who seek to install their system after 2022. 

SB309 places a hard limit on who could benefit from net metering before 5 years. If the total of customer-owned generators of small solar and small wind account for 1.5% of given utility’s total energy use (in their entire service area), then anyone above that 1.5% would not be eligible for net metering.

SB309 forces a sharp reduction in the value that solar energy brings to the electricity grid. 43 states have net metering, including Indiana.  Indiana would move away from its sound, long-standing policy towards an approach that sharply reduces the value of solar from retail electricity to wholesale electricity rates, which is quite likely more than two-thirds less.  

(See Citizen's Action Coalition's analysis for more information)

Petition: Nearly 2,000 Hoosiers of Faith and Moral Courage have signed a petition against SB 309. Click here to sign

February 9, 2017, Petition Hearing: On Thursday, February 9, 2017, hundreds of solar supporters, including small businesses, faith leaders, school superintendents, home-owners, and concerned citizens filled up the Indiana Senate Chambers to testify against SB 309 at the Senate Utility Committee. Despite overwhelming testimony against SB 309 and a complete lack of popular support for SB 309, the utility committee voted 8-2 to send the bill to a full vote. The Senate must vote by Tuesday, February 28, on SB 309 for the legislation to be considered by the Indiana House of Representatives.