H-IPL Solar Grants

H-IPL has been very successful in writing grant applications to obtain solar arrays for about twenty-five congregations throughout the state. Since such competing grants are offered at irregular intervals, often with very short deadlines, we recommend that congregations do the preparatory work ahead of time to position themselves well as candidates for these grants (see the steps to prepare for solar here). 

Watch our calendar for Solar Forums hosted by our newly solarized congregations, where you can learn more about the benefits of solar. 

H-IPL congregational affiliates who have become Using Energy Prudently congregations can be eligible to be notified first when opportunities arise to apply for solar panel grants. The grants we write help magnify both the energy effectiveness of the panels and the community education made possible by their introduction. Congregations agree to steep energy conservation measures, to engaging their members and educating the surrounding community, and publicizing their successes in various ways. To alert us of your interest in solar panels, please fill and send us this form.

Our Solar Congregations

Here is a recent press release detailing our successes in installing solar statewide.

We are so proud of these congregations, who with H-IPL's help have led the way into renewable energy:

South Bend: Kern Road Mennonite Church; First United Methodist Church; Islamic Society of Michiana; Olivet African Methodist Episcopal Church; St. Anthony de Padua Catholic Church

Fort Wayne: Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren; Plymouth Congregational Church