Petition to Vote No On Indiana State Senate Bill 309



Dear Governor Eric Holcomb, Speaker Brian Bosma, President David Long, and Our Indiana State Legislators,

Reject Indiana State Senate Bill 309. 

We want an Indiana powered by love, a love of our neighbors, our community, our economy, and our planet. We want Indiana leaders to embrace renewable energy, not attack it. 

SB 309 is harmful, not helpful. 

Indiana congregations and Hoosiers of faith have embraced solar.  

Solar panels on rooftops can be found from Jeffersonville to South Bend, from Evansville to Fort Wayne, from Carmel to Merrillville. Countless people and communities have made significant investments to power both houses of worship and individual homes with pollution-free, job-creating solar energy. SB 309 is a threat to congregations and individuals that have decided or want to decide to power their lives and congregations with solar--a true act of love. 

SB 309 is also an attack on creating new jobs.

Just last year, 300,000 solar jobs were created nationally and more people work in solar than any other part of the energy sector.  Commitment to renewable energy, instead of bad legislation like SB 309, means more and better jobs for Hoosier families. Costs to install solar is plummeting also, potentially saving family's and congregations thousands of dollars.  

Investing in solar is investing in the love of our neighbors, our planet, our economy.  

SB 309 must not become law. 

It is our great hope that the faith community, utilities, solar installers, legislators, consumer groups, and everyday Hoosiers can work together and develop a shared vision for an Indiana powered by renewable energy. 

GOAL: 1,500 signatures

Will you sign?