Household Energy Conservation Survey

H-IPL offers a five-minute Household Energy Conservation Survey that will help your congregation and its members learn where you stand on reducing your carbon footprint. Members will learn their individual results, helping them choose new energy-saving practices, and you will find out congregation’s aggregate results, including the number of surveys taken and the average score obtained. 

The survey asks questions concerning such matters as lighting and heating in your home, personal transportation, and so on. The score given at the survey’s end represents a rough estimate of the amount that an average Hoosier household would reduce its energy usage if it did the same things the respondent’s household has done.

You can set your goals to suit your congregation. Our solar panel grant congregations commit themselves to having 1/3 of their households obtain a score of 14 or higher, or in other words, becoming 1/7 more energy efficient than the average Hoosier. But any individual congregation is free to set higher goals in participation and/or score.  

To view and try out a demonstration model without recording any data, go here.

Sign up your congregation to participate here. You will receive a link to the live survey for your congregation, materials to help introduce and interpret it, set goals, and celebrate your members' successes.