Trinity Episcopal Church in Bloomington

Trinity is the church in downtown Bloomington with solar panels on its education wing. Their green team is enjoying the process of saving energy both for the church and for members of its congregation.  Please contact climate scientist and H-IPL volunteer Dr. Ben Brabson if you are interested in helping. They were part of the first round of solar panel grants given by Indiana’s Office of Energy Development in 2012.

They attended not only to reducing electricity and gas, but water as well, installing low-flow toilets throughout the building. New windows went in, more efficient lighting, energy star refriger

ators, insulation, and the team went to great lengths to follow the lead of Ben’s infrared gun to seek out and seal air leaks. They engaged their congregation with Task of the Month, and despite some setbacks with their building, succeeded in filling their goals.

Read more in depth about Trinity's energy conservation achievements and plans here.Jim Shakelford and Karen Smith make repairs

Read about Trinity's energy saving LED lightbulb installation here.

Watch their solar installation on YouTube.

Right: Members Jim Shackelford and Karen Smith install energy conservation updates.

 Trinity Episcopal Church