Using Energy Prudently at Home

H-IPL provides tools to help every family in the congregation to begin using energy prudently at home. 

First, here is a simple checklist to help you walk through your home and find opportunities to cut down on utility spending and carbon pollution.

Here you can find a basic carbon calculator from the EPA to learn how your household’s footprint compares with others and how you might reduce it.

Below are three more programs you might try in your congregation to help members actively care for the earth at home:

Carbon Awareness Contribution Calculator

If you would like a calculator for offsetting your family's energy use by determining contributions to give to an organization that is working on climate change, try using Clear Creek Friends Meeting's Carbon Awareness Contribution Calculator. It is designed for a congregation to use together, but a family could use it as well. Inspired by Mount Toby Meeting in Massachusetts and developed by Clear Creek Friends Meeting in Richmond, Indiana, a H-IPL Affiliate Congregation.

Household Energy Conservation Survey

Want to help your whole congregation learn where they stand on reducing their carbon footprint, and compare their results with the average Hoosier? Want to encourage the whole congregation collectively to up their conservation game at home? Go to the Hoosier IPL Household Energy Conservation Survey. There you can learn more, try a demo, and sign up to use it in your congregation. 

Task of the Month

Want to start a month-by-month program that will instruct and encourage your members in home improvements to help them save money and carbon? Go to Task of the Month to learn more about one of our most popular programs, see what the monthly Task of the Month newsletters look like, get ideas for using it with your congregation, and sign up to try it.