Using Energy Prudently Congregations

Congregations can affiliate with Hoosier IPL in two ways:

You can affiliate as a congregation and join our statewide network of Hoosiers of faith in congregations that are working together to care for creation by educating one another, reducing fossil fuel use, and seeking policy changes that will improve the health of both our society and our environment. You'll be able to receive and take advantage of the latest news, information, opportunities, and programs that H-IPL offers, find guidance for nurturing your congregation's creation care ministry, and find likeminded congregations in your area and/or denomination. 

That's one level of engagement. 

Congregations wishing to embark on energy conservation in a deeper, more systematic way may consider becoming H-IPL Using Energy Prudently Congregations. Our UEP congregations work to reduce carbon pollution both where they worship and where they live. 

With help from our free Using Energy Prudently Guide, Hoosier IPL Using Energy Prudently congregation seeks to:

  • Work toward reducing electricity and gas use by at least 25% over the course of three to five years through energy tracking tools and conservation measures.
  • Cultivate active environmental commitment in members' homes, collectively and individually, through such tools as our Household Energy Survey, Task of the Month, and other programs that educate and raise awareness, with the goal of having 1/3 of member households score at least 14% on the household energy survey.
  • As needed and as possible, partner with H-IPL by serving as an occasional site host for our workshops and events.

There are several advantages to becoming a UEP congregation.

First, if other congregations around you know that you are working with us on energy reduction measures, you will be able to support one another in these and similar measures.

Second, over the past five years Hoosier IPL has successfully obtained solar grants of up to $25,000 for 25 congregations in Indiana. We expect to continue doing so as the opportunity arises. As more congregations seek these grants, we will be looking first to those who have already begun positioning themselves as good candidates, namely our UEP congregations. 

Third, congregations that meet these goals are eligible for statewide recognition as a UEP Acclaimed Congregation. Your status and story will be highlighted on our website as a model for other congregations.

To learn more about H-IPL's Using Energy Prudently program, go here and download our free Using Energy Prudently guide.

If your congregation would like to become a Using Energy Prudently Congregation, fill out the online registration form here.