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H-IPL’s Using Energy Prudently workshops equip congregations with the tools they need to greatly reduce energy use in their houses of worship and save significant funds for other purposes.

  • Sealing your building’s envelope: Discover where hot and cool air are escaping from your building and what to do about it.
  • HVAC equipment:  Learn about maintaining and replacing equipment, and how to use zoning and thermostat setbacks to slash energy waste.
  • Lighting technologies and controls:  Learn how to decide what to use, where, and what the payback will be.
  • Detecting “energy hogs”:  Find other areas of energy waste and learn how to correct them.

Who should attend?

To maximize the likelihood of implementing a deep energy reduction plan, each congregation should send a team of two to four people.  Ideally, this team will include a leader from the Building or House Committee, a trustee, and green team member. 

Why participate? 

Savings: Your congregation can save a lot on utility bills by cutting out waste. And these funds can go straight into mission. One of our congregations cut its energy use by 50% – and is saving $10,000 a year.

How-To Help: You can do this! With stories and step-by-step tools, we’ll show you how to cut your congregation’s energy use and get your congregation on board. You’ll have time to figure out what will work for you. You’ll get just what you need to put your learning into action.

Support: And you’ll leave with a community. The workshop will give you a network that can support you as you save your congregation money for mission.

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What do people say they’ve gained?

  • “Simple, local energy savings options.”
  • “We saw it’s really doable.”
  • “Down-to-earth suggestions about improvements.”
  • “Technical knowledge” 

Feel free to download and use our workshop resources:

Start here: House of Worship Energy Saver Checklist
Electricity Quick Guide
Energy Use Glossary
Energy-Saving Resources
Saving Energy and Money with Your HVAC System
Saving Energy and Money with Your Boiler System
Insulating the Building Envelope
Sealing the Building Envelope Checklist
Using Thermostats to Greatly Reduce Energy Use
Light Bulbs--Knowing Your Options
Fluorescent and LED Troffers
Changing Exit Signs
LED Case Study
Light Technology Comparison Chart
Occupancy Sensors Digest
Notes on Occupancy Sensors
Household Energy Checklist
Engaging Your Congregation

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