The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis

UUI Sanctuary

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis participated in H-IPL's first solar grant in 2012. Their team is led by H-IPL volunteer and board member Ray Wilson.

UUI get the distinction of incredible numbers: they began working on energy conservation in 2000, and as a result they have built a culture of stewardship that allowed more than half of their members to show energy conservation at home at more than double the rate that was asked for in the grant. Their church building's numbers for energy conservation already approach, if not exceed, the 2030 Paris pledge goal of cutting electricity and gas by half.

All five furnaces in their four buildings went out in a short time, giving them the opportunity to spend more to save more by buying high efficiency furnaces. They concentrated also on challenging both the members of their own congregation and others in the area, participating in the Energizing Indiana home energy audits, Task of the Month, and engaging them in participating at the church by setting thermostats high in the summer and low in the winter—a move they say was their most important action to conserve energy.

In 2008 they became an accredited UU Green Sanctuary. As a result of these efforts and of the 10 kilowatts of solar panels the church installed, several congregation members have now also spread the word by installing solar at their homes.

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