Dear Governor Eric Holcomb,

As leaders of Indiana congregations and faith communities, we ask that you veto Senate Bill 309. The solar-killing legislation is incredibly unpopular and despised by farmers, schools, small businesses, technological and innovation leaders, and Hoosiers of faith.  

More so, we seek an Indiana powered by love--a love of our neighbor, a love of our Indiana home, and a love of our planet.  The nearly 1,000 people, congregations, schools, farms, and businesses who currently participate in Indiana’s net-metering program show us that love can power Indiana:

Love of our Neighbor: Solar energy creates no toxic pollution that harms Hoosier public health. Solar also creates jobs for our neighbor. Solar is the largest job creator in the country.

Love of our Indiana Home: Distributed Solar power generation makes our state more resilient to natural disasters and reduces the threat of cyber attacks. Solar can reduce energy costs, freeing up countless dollars for our state’s economy.

Love of Our Planet: Solar panels do not pollute our water, air, or climate.

SB 309 ends net metering and sends the wrong message, which our elected leaders want an Indiana powered by the greed of monopoly utility companies instead of an Indiana fueled by a love our neighbor, our Indiana home, and our planet.

SB 309 is worthy of your veto,

18 endorsements

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