Video Resources

 Christ Lutheran Sign

  • Renewal: Across the nation, people of faith are standing up for the environment. Evangelical Christians are fighting mountaintop removal, a coal mining process that is decimating Appalachia. Muslims are supporting sustainable farming. Jews are helping children experience the bond between nature and spirituality. Interfaith Power and Light is mobilizing people of all faiths in a religious response to global warming. For the first time, the combined energy of these diverse activists is the driving force behind a feature-length documentary. 
  • The Bible is Green, a talk by Carol Johnston of Christian Theological Seminary, author of a booklet by the same name.
  • Blessed Earth, two DVD’s that include twelve ten-minute lectures by Evangelical Christian Dr. Matthew Sleeth with a discussion guide for each. “This two-part film series and guidebook experience is a creative and compelling call for Christians to embrace sustainable living out of love for God, neighbor, and all of creation.” In Part 1, “Hope for Creation”, Dr. Sleeth “guides us through each of the created elements… and reminds us of our God-given commission to ‘tend and protect the planet’”. Part 2, “Hope for Humanity,” examines how God’s command to “tend and protect the planet” extends into the actions and activities of our everyday lives.
  • Dirty Business
  • The Age of Stupid, a 25-minute edited version with a discussion guide intended to serve as a taking-off point for a congregational gathering to inspire discussion and communal action.
  • Solar Leadership Forum, a one hour workshop on the various aspects of making a decision to install a solar array on your home—and save money.
  • Water World, a 30-minute PBS NOW documentary that shows the impact of rising sea levels on villages in Bangladesh

For Children

  • The Lorax, a 52-minute animated telling of the Dr. Seuss classic with a playful yet powerful message about our role in restoring the planet.